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MB31 Bramley
Gravelroads that stretches out infront of you, a tricky path or the fastest comuter The choice is yours.

Load up your bags and get yourself out on a little adventure. With great comfort you can ride for hours on end and discover new places with ease. Stick to various roads and gravelroads or step it up with a dropperpost to really push the limits.

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MB31 Bramley GRX Black
Price18 900

With the MB31 Bramley we wanted to create a versatile gravelbike which will inspire you to discover new routes and go for longer rides.

— Alexander Vincent Blomqvist

Short chainstays, large tire clearance

The challenge was to create enough room for big tires and short chainstays for a responsive feeling.

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Always in controll

A gravelbike needs to be comfortable and a big part of that comes down to a great cockpit. The long reach gives us the option to use shorter stems, which gives you greater control.

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Shimano GRX

Simple and sophisticated. The 1x11 group from Shimano with hydraulic discbrakes does it's job very well and is easy to maintain.

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Questions & Answers

  1. How big is the tire clearance?

    Big. This is important on a gravelbike and we've made it as big as possible. You can fit tires up to 47mm.

  2. What is the angle of the seatpost?

    74 degrees. This helps create a relaxed feeling with good manouverability to move around on the bike to get the best position for climbs, descents or maybe a tricky path.

  3. What is the angle of the headtube/fork?

    70 degrees. The angle is important and depending on how steep it is gives the bike very different characteristics. This rather flat angle makes it secure and helps you in tricky situations.

  4. How does it feel?

    On the MB31 Bramley you are in for an easy ride. It's much less aggressive than a road or cyclocross which makes it much more comfortable. The short chainstays keep it fun and responsive while the long reach makes it comfortable and safe.

  5. Is there mountings for fenders and bags?

    Yes, there is plenty of mountings for fenders, bags, bottlecages and more all over the frame and fork.

  6. Can I use it as a roadbike?

    Sure! One of the many benefits of the MB31 Bramley is how versatile it is. You can easily switch between gravel roads to smooth tarmac and if you really want to go for a longer ride you could put it on road tires for an even smoother ride with less rolling resistance.

Get out there.